Auto FTP Manager


Easy FTP client which allows you to automatize tasks



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Auto FTP Manager is a really useful tool designed to make your uploads/downloads to/from the FTP server easier.

This is the perfect tool for those users who are searching for an easy-to-use program but they want to have a really good tool. If you want an accurate and intuitive application with lots of options, Auto FTP Manager is the application you need.

Its interface is clear and intuitive and you will find no problem when working with your files even if you haven’t used an FTP client never before.

Auto FTP Manager includes all basic features included in other FTP clients and it adds some important ones like multiple upload / download, preview of files, drag and drop,...

But if we have to highlight something on this program is the fact that you can setup some actions to be performed when you are away. Automatize those actions and don’t worry if you don’t have enough time, FTP Manager will do it for you.

The trial version is limited to 100 transfers.

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